do you want to take better pictures of your kids and travels?

Introducing The Smartphone Photography Class. Take jaw-dropping photos anytime, anywhere.

In this fun and action-packed class, I’m spilling all of my best secrets for getting amazing images with your phone camera. I'll show you the functions you never knew your smartphone had AND the best part - I’m going to teach you how to quickly and easily edit your images so that you’ll get tons more “likes” every time you post!


enroll in the digital course and get lifetime access to all of the materials and learn at your own pace.

Do you wish you could take EPIC photos with your phone?

Have no idea where to start or don't know why your pictures fall flat?

Want to know why most people's smartphone photos aren't compelling?

Wouldn't it be amazing to have all these answers?

know exactly how to use available light to take pictures that WOW your friends

understand why some pictures rock your socks off and what makes others awful

take incredible images with your phone that you want to show off 

feel inspired to document more of your moments with your smartphone

"in a digital world, our most valuable possessions are family photos. They're everything"


24/7 access to the digital course for life

35 lessons (almost 2 hours total of video education) where I divulge absolutely every tip and trick I have for capturing spectacular smartphone images

a checklist summarizing the most important points of each lesson that you can print and use as a reference

my "FRESH" Lightroom mobile preset and instructions how to edit your mobile images on your phone

Bonus lesson section that I’ll be adding to quarterly

Membership to a private FB community where you can share photos and get feedback

I show moms exactly how to document their family’s everyday moments with jaw-dropping images using their smartphones. 

If you’ve ever doubted your smartphone camera’s ability to capture incredible photos, my course will remove that little lie from your head. I poured months into the creation of these lessons, and designed them to get you taking better images in the shortest amount of time possible. There’s no fluff in this course, just concise video instruction that’s easy to watch (most videos are 3-5 mins.) The digital course is like having me come to your house and teach you. Only you don’t need to put on a bra or brush your teeth. 

The Smartphone Photography course has 4 modules:

In this section I’ve included all the secrets that will allow you to control the outcome of your smartphone pictures. All the shortcuts to taking intentional images are here, along with tutorials for each mode & tool within your smartphone camera.

This section is the foundation to taking beautiful images with any camera. I’ve simplified the most essential elements you need so that you will ALWAYS know how to find flattering light for the pictures you take. I show you examples of common mistakes that you’ll never make unknowingly again.

The final piece of the puzzle to creating amazing pictures in-camera is knowing how to compose a compelling image. You’re going to have access to all of the most important rules I’ve learned to follow and break to make frame-worthy images.

One of my student’s favorite parts is learning how to edit on their phone. It’s the final and necessary step to transform your smartphone images from “wow” to “holy cow!” Let me show you how I like to edit my smartphone images and how to avoid editing like a newbie. I even give you a versatile preset I created so you can edit like a pro. 

By the end of the Smartphone Photography course you'll be able to:

1. fully control your smartphone camera including focus and exposure

2. Confidently determine what type of photo to take in any kind of light so you don't miss a single precious moment 

3. say goodbye to blurry images and fill your camera roll with sharp photos

4. create images that are compelling using my tricks with light, composition and posing

5. capture instagram-worthy images that you can't wait to share on your social media

6. Have the knowledge to take better pictures with absolutely any camera that's with you

smartphone images

<you'll be taking images like this after the class>

What's included?

Tips & tricks you never knew your smartphone could do

Section dedicated to light with do's and don'ts

The essentials for composing a good image

the Best part - I'm including my "fresh" Lightroom mobile preset for all of my students. With one click, they can transform their images from wow, to holy cow!

Learn how to take better pictures and edit them all using your mobile phone!

this course will teach you how to get the most out of your smartphone camera. You'll learn tips and tricks for taking better images with your mobile phone camera, as well as what apps to use to edit your phone images and make them sparkle.


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