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DSLR Bootcamp is a beginner's photography course that is going to change the way you take photographs forever! This course is designed to teach you not only how to use your DSLR camera, but how to create beautiful images with it through understanding light and composition. If you're ready to take your photography to the next level, this class is for you.

No prior photography experience is required. You will need a DSLR camera and the desire to create amazing images!

do you feel frustrated with your dslr camera or is it collecting dust somewhere on a shelf?

What is DSLR Bootcamp?

- I want better pictures of my kids but I don't have free time to learn photography.

- My camera is still in the box.

- I own a DSLR camera but haven't tried shooting in manual mode.

- I've tried shooting in manual, but it seems overwhelming.

- I'm proficient at shooting in manual, but my images don't look how I want them to.

- I have created amazing images with my camera, but I can't seem to do that consistently.

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how do I know if DSLR BOOTcamp is right for me? 

Here's what past students have to say...

I had a wonderful time and was able to go home and apply what I learned very easily. The book helped me a lot as a reference later on when I forgot a few things here and there. There was a huge difference in the quality of my pictures after the class. I was amazed at the difference and it inspired me to take a lot more pictures of my kids. Now I’m able to have a few quality pictures that I actually display in my home instead of hundreds of blurry or low quality pictures that just sit on my computer. 

Immediately following the DSLR Bootcamp class, I captured some of the most amazing photographs! I have snapped pictures of friends, flowers, pond lilies, lily pads, butterflies, etc. with the most incredible clarity, bokeh and perfect lighting! With
the confidence you instilled, I have now found my own style and way of capturing light. I feel fortunate that I was introduced to you. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world and being a part of my journey and story.  

Helen is such a great teacher and super awesome to be around! Thanks to the laid back atmosphere, you don’t even realize how much info you’re taking in! Which is great because otherwise it would be extremely overwhelming. She also provides continued feedback and support which I don’t think many people do. If you just got your camera and want to use it right, you definitely won’t regret signing up!!!!  

candace c.

shawna m.

monika k.

Do you want to learn how to use your camera to capture beautiful images of the people you love?

If your answer is yes, this is the course for you.

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What we do cover in this course:

What we don't cover in this course:

What we do cover in this course:

My secret simple way to get sharp images

How to confidently shoot in manual mode

11 different types of light and how to use each

How you can use entry level equipment to take breathtaking images

Composition techniques to create beautiful images

How to get REAL smiles out of kids

What to do when you feel like you’re stuck 

How to spend a lot of money on equipment that won’t get you better images

Ways to fix blurry images in Photoshop (it's impossible!)

How to look cool taking pictures

Ways to avoid tripping over things while taking photos

Getting your husband to enjoy being in pictures. (Sorry, it’s hopeless!)

Where you should sell your camera when you get frustrated

What we don't cover in this course:

How to spend a lot of money on equipment that won’t get you better images

Ways to fix blurry images in Photoshop (it's impossible!)

How to look cool taking pictures

Ways to avoid tripping over things while taking photos

Getting your husband to enjoy being in pictures. (Sorry, it’s hopeless!)

Where you should sell your camera when you get frustrated

More from past DSLR Bootcamp students:

Helen provides straight forward, “plain english” instruction that is refreshing and easy to learn. I was so excited about my results after taking her class that I immediately signed up for DSLR Bootcamp… and WOW! After a FUN and enjoyable afternoon I was able to “find the light” and do so much more than I had imagined. Not only is Helen a creative and talented photographer, she is an inspiring teacher and mentor. She has the passion to see others do well, and the ability to share her wisdom in a way that few others can!”

I am so happy that I took Helen's DSLR Bootcamp. Photography and my own camera were things that intimidated me so much, and after Helen's instructions, I feel like I understand basic concepts so I can practice and improve on my own. The workbook she wrote and provided to each of us was invaluable as well. Outside of the learning experience, it was just a fun afternoon, and I felt both entertained and productive.

The DSLR Bootcamp was a fantastic learning experience. I’ve always wanted to take better photos but could not learn on my own either by reading books or watching videos. Helen was able to teach our group the photography basics by employing her own method that is both easy to understand and concise. I left the DSLR bootcamp being able to take photos that I couldn’t take before walking in that day. Overall, I learned so much in the bootcamp and had fun too.

erica T.

Katie K.

Summer R.

before & after

DSLR Bootcamp Students

My favorite aspect of the DSLR Bootcamp was the amazing course material! The class format was also very laid back. At no point did it feel like we were on a set schedule so we were able to ask questions, share experiences and have fun. The class size also allowed for individual attention. Even though the class was laid back we still covered enough to get a lost beginner like myself confident and going. Helen’s passion for teaching photography really shows in this class, in her course material and even in her follow-ups! 

I felt like Helen distilled the key concepts to just the right amount of info to get started on my own. I didn't feel overwhelmed even though I am completely new to DSLR photography. It was a very fun, supportive learning experience. And the reference book was really handy and I keep referring back to it and learning more.

I loved learning everything beyond just the basics (aperture, shutter speed, iso), for example, lighting, composition. I loved the exercises outside. It was also very enlightening to learn why some images are bad images from the examples used. For example, before the class, I knew I took a picture and it didn’t look good, but I didn’t know why. Now I can identify WHY the picture sucks and how to make it better. 

SAmita d.

Jeannie L.

Tatyana R.

<behind the scenes>

Photos from past classes

It wasn't until Helen's DSLR Bootcamp that I had the courage to test spin my new Rebel. I was excited to be part of a group of women with a common goal to be comfortable with shooting in manual. I learned about the exposure triangle and had an opportunity to practice shooting in her gorgeous back yard and community. Helen's DSLR resource guide was a great tool to help me remember how the exposure triangle worked along with other helpful tips. I would recommend this course to anyone that wants an instructor that's like a good friend showing you the ropes to take beautiful images.  

I had a wonderful experience at the DSLR Bootcamp. I had absolutely no experience in photography and I was looking for a class to help me take better pictures of my family. This one day course gave me all the tools I needed to understand my DSLR camera and take gorgeous pictures. The class was the perfect balance of hands on time with the camera and informative teaching sessions. But most important it was a fun way to spend a day with drinks, snacks, and photography !! Helen made the class so enjoyable and created a truly collaborative learning environment. You must take this if you are looking to learn or improve your photography skills.

I'm so thankful for the valuable information Helen shared with us at the DSLR Bootcamp I attended. I started with absolutely zero knowledge of how to use my brand new DSLR, and I left that day feeling like I was ready to take awesome pictures of my family. She distilled what could have been overwhelming info into easy-to-understand (and, more importantly, easy-to-apply) tidbits. It was a fun afternoon with a group of lovely women, and it has had a lasting affect on the quality of my photographs.

kit t.

jenn c.

laurie r.

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