Who doesn’t love a pretty silhouette? They’re such a fun way to document a moment, inside or outside. And a great technique to use when traveling, even if you only have your smartphone camera with you. GRAB THE TUTORIAL HERE! I may not be a jack-of-all-trades, but I’m certainly a master-of-one. When it comes to […]

photography tutorial

How to Take a Silhouette Photo

Hello, December! The holiday season is upon us and twinkle lights are everywhere. They can be so much fun to photograph, especially when they’re out of focus in the backdrop. I’ve written this brief tutorial to show you the best way to get the prettiest pictures of the glowing holiday lights around you. You’re going […]

photography tutorial

How to photograph Christmas Lights

gingerbread house

The holidays are upon us and Christmas is on so many people’s minds, earlier each year! All the holiday decor, music and ads are reminders: DO YOU HAVE YOUR HOLIDAY CARD PHOTO YET??? It can be stressful trying to get the best portrait for your seasonal greeting, but sending cards is such a wonderful way […]

photography tutorial

5 Steps To Take Your Own Holiday Card Photo

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