A myth I hear in the photography world all the time is that there’s “bad light.” The truth is, as long as there is SOME light, you can create a beautiful image. I’ve heard people talk about avoiding “bad light” referring to midday sun. (I have another blog post for that HERE!) But even more […]

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4 Portrait Tips for Cloudy Days

toddler with red bucket at beach

Presets are an amazing way to enhance the images you take with minimal effort. When you apply a preset in Lightroom with one click, it automatically makes all of the specific adjustments that are saved in that preset to your image. I LOVE presets because they… are a super easy way to enhance your images […]

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How to install presets into FREE Lightroom mobile app (plus my preset Fresh for FREE!)

Whether you’re just starting out in photography or you’ve had a fancy camera for years, it’s quite common to feel disappointed with your images sometimes. I’ve been a photographer for ten years now, and have felt stuck at times myself. Want to know the method that has a 100% chance of being effective in improving […]

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The #1 Way to Take Better Images

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