I’ve been photographing kids and babies for over ten years now, and I’ve literally seen IT ALL. Some kids are bubbly and giggly by nature, others are shy and cautious. But no matter the personality type of the kid, every parent wants a portrait of their kid’s REAL smile. You may notice that your children […]

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How to Capture Real Smiles

Who doesn’t love a pretty silhouette? They’re such a fun way to document a moment, inside or outside. And a great technique to use when traveling, even if you only have your smartphone camera with you. GRAB THE TUTORIAL HERE! I may not be a jack-of-all-trades, but I’m certainly a master-of-one. When it comes to […]

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How to Take a Silhouette Photo

Hello, December! The holiday season is upon us and twinkle lights are everywhere. They can be so much fun to photograph, especially when they’re out of focus in the backdrop. I’ve written this brief tutorial to show you the best way to get the prettiest pictures of the glowing holiday lights around you. You’re going […]

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How to photograph Christmas Lights

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The holidays are upon us and Christmas is on so many people’s minds, earlier each year! All the holiday decor, music and ads are reminders: DO YOU HAVE YOUR HOLIDAY CARD PHOTO YET??? It can be stressful trying to get the best portrait for your seasonal greeting, but sending cards is such a wonderful way […]

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5 Steps To Take Your Own Holiday Card Photo

A myth I hear in the photography world all the time is that there’s “bad light.” The truth is, as long as there is SOME light, you can create a beautiful image. I’ve heard people talk about avoiding “bad light” referring to midday sun. (I have another blog post for that HERE!) But even more […]

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4 Portrait Tips for Cloudy Days

toddler with red bucket at beach

One of the most anticipated seasons of the year, Autumn is like a playground for photographers of every level who want to capture the magic Mother Nature creates. With changes to the scenery and weather that offer a moody shooting environment, there are so many ways to capture the beauty of this unique season. I’m […]

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4 Essential Autumn Photos

Do you have a camera on your phone? If you do, there’s a good chance that you have a setting called “portrait mode.” If you’re not using this feature regularly, you’re missing out on taking some incredible images! Here’s where to find it when you open your camera app on your iPhone. If your phone […]

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One Easy Way to Get Better Smartphone Photos!

Presets are an amazing way to enhance the images you take with minimal effort. When you apply a preset in Lightroom with one click, it automatically makes all of the specific adjustments that are saved in that preset to your image. I LOVE presets because they… are a super easy way to enhance your images […]

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How to install presets into FREE Lightroom mobile app (plus my preset Fresh for FREE!)

Whether you’re just starting out in photography or you’ve had a fancy camera for years, it’s quite common to feel disappointed with your images sometimes. I’ve been a photographer for ten years now, and have felt stuck at times myself. Want to know the method that has a 100% chance of being effective in improving […]

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The #1 Way to Take Better Images

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